Fall Fair!

2 10 2007

Sorry if this is so late.

The fall fair has begun!. The party is really cool, it is one of the best Club Penguin parties ever.


1. There is six different games where you can win tickets (they are like coins, you can buy the fall fair items).
1. Feed-A-Puffle (Cove)
2. Grab & Spin (Dock)
3. Test your Strength! (Dock)
4. Memory Card Game (Beach)
5. Puffle Paddle (Snow Forts)
6. Puffle Shuffle (Forest)



2. Ballistic Biscuit changes his name to Hydro-Hopper!



3. There is a shop where you can buy items with your coins.

The old shop, with the first items.


And the new shop, with the new free items!:


-NOTE: To get the lollypop, you need to buy every item in the shop. Later, press the rope that will appear and the lollypop will appear! 😀


Remember to go to my blog!:



This is everything about the fall fair!

-Tom Yellow


New Author

2 10 2007

Hi everyone!. I am Tom Yellow, the new author of yer mon’s website.

I will try to post everyday a new update of Club Penguin!. I will try to make the blog even better! (although is not possible, it’s very good).

I also have a blog: http://tomyellowcentral.wordpress.com/

This is everything!

-Tom Yellow

Hey there. I am looing for someone to take over this site as an editor!

22 09 2007

I am looing for someone to take over this site as an editor! They will need to do suitible post about clubpenuin as i dont play anymore but i still wants others to enjoy this site and for it too keep updating you. comment bellow why you want to be an editor, why i should pick you and what you think you can bring to the site.

Hi this is my last post on this site.

12 09 2007

Hi this is my last post on this site as i quit clubpenguin a while ago and just thought i would tell you. BYE

Hey look at the new game that me and Mr peckle made!

11 08 2007

Yer mon and Mr peckle have just completed there first game together.

 To download to go to this url http://www.yoyogames.com/games/launch/8628 The game is called quackers if you have any problems playing it please comment bellow!

New mission is out. This post tells you all about it and how to complete it.

7 08 2007

The new mission is out!

It is called avalanche rescue!

 new-mission.png <—- click here to enlarge

There was a breif blockage at the mountin but they quickly got rid of it.

picture1.png <—- click here to enlarge

At the begining there was a fault in that you couldn’t get past the gadget room place but they fixed it. I have completed the mission.

I think it is much easier then the 3rd mission but it is still really cool.

If you want to know how to do it i made a massive picture which tells you exactly how to compete it.

 picture345.png<—- click here to enlarge

I hope you found this helpful

From Yer mon

New pin, the secrets in the new catalogue and new mission news.

3 08 2007

 New pin and the secrets in the new catalogue.

There is a new pin (the butterfly pin)

Some new items

And the red guitar came back!



Here are the new items in the catalogue.



Here are the secrets of the new catalogue

The red guitar came back!!!


Here are the play card backgrounds



The new pin is at the forest . It is a butterfly



 The new mission is also coming very soon.


This is what billybob said on the clubpenguin blog:

In other news: The new mission is coming out VERY soon!  Just a few more days of waiting and it will definitely be worth it!


 Also the camp fire party is coming out very soon. That is what the blank t.v screen in hq is for the room that will host the party.

Here is what billybob said on the clubpenguin blog:

The new clothing catalog comes out on Friday and it has some really great new camping gear that will help you get ready for the party later this month! You’ll want to gear up because its going to be a blast!  I’ll tell you more about the party as soon as I can!


I hope you have found this infomation helpful

from Yer mon