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Radionics Healing


New Way to Decorate your Penguin???

8 10 2007

A new way to decorate your penguin is coming this friday!. What do you believe that is the new way?.

I believe that it’s:

-More Pants for penguins!


-Clothing for your puffle

-Faces (happy, sad, mad…).


This is everything!

-Tom Yellow

Halloween Costume Catalog!

7 10 2007

 New Items (and old favorites):
-Bee Antenna: 200
-Bee Costume: 450
-Bee Wings: 350
-Skeleton: 450
-Princess Hat: 300
-Magic Wand: 150
-Princess Costume: 550
-Clown Wig: 210
-Clown Suit: 450
-Clown Shoes: 300
-Ghost Costume: 600


Secret Items:
-Red Electric Guitar: Press the Blue Rollerskates.

-Fairy Wings: Press the Princess Costume

-Viking Helmets:
———Red: Click the penguin face.
———Blue: Click 4 times the penguin face.


This is everything!

-Tom Yellow 

New Newspaper!

6 10 2007


Contest © Tom Yellow Central

The new new-paper came out and they are very cool stuff coming. A new mystery fashion will be made at the end of the month. I have the big feeling that it is like something of face change (happy, sad, mad…). ONE MINUTE!. Why didn’t I think before?. The new clothing are PANTS!. Almost any item in Club Penguin are pants (there is near 4 items that are pants).

Also, there is a costume contest!. You only need to dress and go for Club Penguin. The winners of the contest will be announced on the next newspaper!. I am using my normal outfit as my outfit!. Hope someone in this blog win. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!.

And for those that don’t know about this, there is a hidden riddle in the newspaper, click in the image in the right side. It will appear a riddle!.

-Tom Yellow

Tom’s SCARY Birthday Party!

6 10 2007

I will making a halloween party for my 365 days in Club Penguin. But this will be a weekly party around October. Each Saturday of this month, I will make a party in a different server to haunt each flag with the party!.


October 6 (This saturday) Party!

-Day: October 6

-Time: 5 PM Penguin Standard Time

-Server: Mittens, UK

-Room: The Beach

Everyone must to go with yellow color!


This is everything!

-Tom Yellow

BOO! Sneak Peek!

3 10 2007

In the CP blog, there is a new sneak peek of the new halloween party.

Scary Sneak Peek!

The sneak peek looks how the forest will look like in the party. There is also a mysterious text. It maybe says “Haunted ……”, sorry if it doesn’t show, but I can’t say you what is the secret word.

Also, the new catalog is coming this friday!. A New feature will be coming. And also, a few old favorites will come back (the ghost sheet, of course) and new items (hope there is a mommy outfit).


New Magazine: As this is my second blog, I will say right now. I am making a new magazine named “Yellow Zine” with a few news about Club Penguin, me (Tom Yellow), the blog and army news.

Also, I will be interviewing some people for the new interview section of the magazine. If you want to be one of the penguins for the interviews, e-mail me on



This is everything……… by now!

-Tom Yellow

September Clothing, Furniture and Igloo Upgrade Catalogs!

3 10 2007

The new clothing, furniture and igloo upgrade catalogs are out!. The new items are really cool, which most are related with the fall fair!.


Clothing Catalog

1. Astro Barrier T-Shirt: 200 coins

2. Blue Backpack: 410 coins

3. Running Shoes: 300 coins

4. Star T-Shirt: 200 coins

5. Red Letterman Jacket: 550 coins

6. Butterfly T-Shirt: 200 coins

7. Designer Glasses: 410 coins

8. Pink Backpack: 200 coins


Goggles: Press the Lifeguard Shirt

Red Electric Guitar: Press the Formal Gown

Viking Helmets (red): Press the Scuba Tank

Viking Helmets (blue): Press the Scuba Tank 4 times


Furniture Catalog


1. Ferris Wheel Couch: 760 coins

2. Circus Ball: 170 coins

3. Balloons: 15 coins each

4. Blender: 220 coins


Starry Night Picture: Press the CD Rack

Pop Art Painting: Press the beach ball

Concert Lights: Press the Home Stereo


Igloo Upgrade Catalog

1. Blue Carpet: 530 coins

2. Dirt & Leaves: 400 coins


Secret Stone Igloo: Press the “Floor Removal Service” word.

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo: Press the door of the “Deluxe Snow Igloo”

Snow Globe: Press every “Snow” word in the catalog.


This is everything by now!

-Tom Yellow